26/04/14 Drongan Open Show

Breed Judge Jan Cunningham

A very handsome dog, lovely masculine head & dark eye.  Well laid

shoulder balanced throughout, in beautiful condition, flowed round the

ring with ease.  Delighted when he was awarded Group 1 and BIS.


Gundog Group 1 and BIS Judgw Jill Dixon [Wallbank]

A very typical gordon who was certainly on form & giving off his best

Truly noble masculine head & kind eye, low set ears, good neck & profile

balance throughout maturing well with good body, spring of rib & deep brisket.

On the move he drove off stylishly using his well feathered tail correctly & with

straight  topline.  Shining black coat & feathering in tip top condition.


Crufts 2014 Judge Rhona Frew

Another extremely handsome male who is presented & handled to perfection.

He is still young  & needs to develop in forechest but I found him very pleasing

to go over .  Appealing head & expression typical outline, good bone & feet.

Moved very well.


Rutherglen 18/04/14 Gundog Group Judge Jennifer Fairhill

Ford’s Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay, Gordon Setter, special indeed

he caught my eye immediately, looked a picture stood and moved so well

he could not be denied, just coming into his own.


Border Counties Gundog 05/05/14 Judge Jenny Lowe

Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay love this boy, he has such ring presence

and character.  He walks into the ring and make it his own.  Handsome

balanced head with true gordon expression, good forechest with plenty

of depth & spring of rib.  Excellent rear angulation which he used to full

advantage  on the move BOB.  I was also thrilled to hear that he also

won BIS.  A true tribute to his owners.


BIS Judge Bob Sillence

BIS was Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay gordon, what with excellent

confirmation, super movement front & back a great character could not be

denied top spot.


Three Counties Championship Show 2014 Judge Kay Reid

Ford’s Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay young mature dog,Lovely head, dark eyes

Deep in chest, good lay of shoulder level topline, excellent bend of stifle in tip top

coat and condition .  Moved effortlessly CC & BOB.


Bath 2014 Judge Graham Lambert

Ford’s Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay a beautiful mature dog clearly a champion

in waiting.  One of the best heads with the expression I was looking for.  All angles

and constructions correct and in profile, the best of reach and drive in a powerful

action.  Best of the day CC & BOB and short listed in the group.


SKC May 2014 Judge Pam Blay

Ford’s Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay very stylish male with a balanced typical

head which is masculine with good depth & width to muzzle a good well shaped &

coloured eye, lovely neck & shoulder well balanced body with strong topline held

one the move  & set up, his movement from his well boned legs & feet & well

muscled hindquarter was very true back & forth & it his in his profile movement

that you can see that correct head carriage & lovely forward reach really using

his front assembly to the best of his ability, this lovely type has a good loin & well

set tail and was put down in lovely coat & condition CC


Catrine 23/02/14

Breed Judge Nadine Barbour

Ford’s Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay,

lovely stylish well marked dog who was beautifully

presented.  Handsome masculine head, long lean neck

leading into correctly angled forequarters, well bodied

and deep in brisket. Strong and broad muscular rearquarters

with well bent stifles & neat feet.  Coat that gleamed with

condition & lovely feathering.  However none of this is any good

if you cannot move but this dog can with a steady free

flowing movement with plenty of drive.  BOB


GUNDOG GROUP G1 Ford’s  Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay, Gordon Setter. Absolutely stunning head on this dog, expression is superb, lovely dark eye of correct shape and colour, very good front assembly and correct body proportions, well muscled at rear which attributed to his gait when going around. Very nice dog indeed.   PB Keenan   GORDONS Ford’s Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay, lovely upstanding young dog in beautiful coat and condition, carrying the correct amount of weight and with good muscle tone, gorgeous masculine head, plenty of neck, depth of body, strong hindquarters, short well let down hocks, balanced overall, moved soundly. BOB



Blackpool 2014 Judge Frank Whyte

Ford’s Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay, headed a very nice class,

head of good depth & with correct stop, good muzzle, eyes & good

expression, ears of correct size, good neck, long well laid shoulders,

good topline & well set tail, very good bone & feet, well sprung rib

& strong loin, well developed rear, in  good black coat, also with

good markings, covered ground freely with very good front action.

Holds balanced outline covering ground RCC.