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Rannoch gained the Dog CC and BOB at Manchester Championship Show in January 2011


Rannoch won DCC BIS and BVIS at the British Gordon Setter Club in October 2 years in a row – and he is now a veteran.

Setter & Pointer Judge Peter Howard awarded Rannoch RCC Gundog Breeds of Scotland Kay Reid awarded Rannoch RCC British Gordon Setter Club Championship Show Saturday 3rd October 2009.

Dog Judge Margo Cowe awarded Rannoch his 17th CC joint decision between Margo Cowe and Meriel Hathaway to award him Best in Show.

Summer was award 3rd in open bitch.

Lara [Liric Remember Me at Glynderys] was awarded 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch. A great day for the whole family.

Bath Championship Show Rannoch was awarded CC from Sue Tong

Rcc at Bournemouth from Judge Jocelyn Ness

Rannoch gained the Dog CC at SKC Frank Kane At Birmingham National Championship Dog Show 8.5.09

Rannoch was awarded the CC and BOB and went Gundog Group 2. A lovely day. Breed judge was Mrs P Rhodes and Group Judge was Mrs F Somerfield

Rannoch was awarded his 18th Reserve CC at Setter and Pointer Championship Show Judge was Mrs Rhona Frew

At the British Gordon Setter Club Championship Show 4.10.08 Rannoch was awarded the Reserve CC Judge was Mrs Freda Marshall

Rannoch was awarded the Dog CC and BOB at Birmingham City Championship Show 31.8.08 Judge was Mrs Pam Davies

Liric Summer Special was awarded the Bitch CC at South Wales Championship Show 5.7.08 Judge was Mr G Tong