Sh Ch Liric Come Dancewith Me of Shillay (Rannoch)

(Sh Ch Cromasaig Drams  Demeanour of Girvans x Sh Ch Drumdaroch Jazz Dancerwith Liric)


21 CC’s   25 RCC’s  12 BOB’s  3 BIS  1 RBIS

Group 2 and Group 4

BIS British Gordon  Setter Club 2009

BIS Gordon Setter Club of Scotland 2008

RBIS Gordon Setter Association 2005



Rannoch relaxing

Rannoch gained the Dog CC at SKC August 2009. Judge was Mr F Kane

Rannoch was awarded the RCC at  Bournemouth Championship Show under Judge Jocelyn Ness

Rannoch was BOB and Gundog Group 2 at Birmingham Championship Show 2009. Seen below both standing and  on the move.

ran003 ran004

BIS at Gordon Setter Club of Scotland Championship Show


ran006 ran7 ran008

Rannoch as a puppy